About Andrea


Andrea Goodman is a professional problem solver with many years of experience running many different kinds of businesses. Business owners bring her into their businesses for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s for good reasons like the business is growing too fast and the owner can’t keep up with the necessary changes alone or doesn’t have the experience to streamline the procedures to keep up with the volume. Sometimes it’s for not-so-good reasons like the business isn’t making enough money to stay in business for long.

Whether the business has 1 employee or 50, Andrea understands the stresses the business owner is under and makes a good sounding board when the owner feels there is no one else to talk to. In order to stay in business, the owner must always make it look like the business is doing well. Andrea is very good at making the business look great and helping the owner to stay calm until the business is great and the owner is calm.

Andrea Goodman was a pioneer in the personal computer industry when her first business was the first retail computer store in Worcester, MA in 1979 — all there was to sell were 16K Apple IIs. She made a name for herself nationally by being the first woman on Apple Computer’s dealer council and locally by working with Norton Company to change from using mainframe computers to personal computers.

After selling her business in 1984, Andrea started her own consulting firm, combining the business skills she learned in running her store with her computer skills to help small businesses become more successful. Two of her favorite projects were stabilizing a failing radio station and making a small business profitable enough and successful enough for the owner to sell it and eventually retire. This last project took six years, but the owner went from merely getting by to selling the business for enough to retire comfortably.

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