Nigel H says:
“I engaged Andrea Goodman to help us grow the net worth of our small international consulting company. We had growth, and we all had good salaries, but we were not creating financial value in the company. It was probably the best business decision that I ever made, as six years later we were able to sell the company for 7-figure package. The path she followed in helping us achieve this success was first to teach us to focus on net worth rather than sales growth or technical competence as the true measure of success — and to ultimately make every business and management decision by the degree to which it furthered that goal. To this end, she built an effective, easy-to-operate and easy-to read accounting system and helped us to make good habits in always having the important operating numbers at hand, and using them in day-to-day decision making. She also guided us in engaging new skills by finding the most cost-effective form of engagement — hiring, sub-contract, hourly or piece-work rates, etc. With impeccable integrity, she was effectively serving us as a part-time CFO and Operations Manager. Were I to re-enter the business world, I would engage Andrea Goodman again in a heartbeat.”